We also provide support for parents with young children with challenging behaviours. Parenting is not easy at the best of times, and it’s made worse if you have a child that is not sleeping at night or is throwing tantrums over the smallest of things, screaming, kicking, biting or hitting. They may be over-sensitive to noise, light and certain foods maybe a big no-no. Many of these behaviours are similar to individuals with ASD or those who have ASD traits (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). If you are at a loss and do not feel like you are connecting with your child, we can help. Now, if your child displays these behaviours, it doesn’t mean they have ASD, but it does mean we know how to help you. We have worked with many parents who have experienced such behaviours in their child, and supported them to better communicate with their children in a very rewarding way. Drop us a message to see how we can specifically support you.