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Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice is a dedicated space used to think about how we work, consider how it impacts us, those we lead or manage and consider different ways of operating, which is delivered in an encouraging and non-judgmental way. It provides time to evaluate what you do as a business and why, then helps you think about how to implement change. 


Reflective practice promotes emotional intelligence and helps to build confidence. It explores interpersonal dynamics, personal and departmental workplace challenges and gives managers time to digest what material comes to light. ‘Best practice’ is often the by-product of reflective practice sessions.



Non-clinical staff may include teachers, police officers, sales executives, pastors, fitness trainers and members of any senior leadership team etc., as all professions work with people and understanding how to interact better, will improve the working environment.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is a formal process of professional support, reflection, evaluation and learning that contributes to individual insight and development. 


Clinical supervision allows a qualified supervisor the opportunity to hear what is taking place between you and the client or patient and works as a mirror, so reflecting the unseen dynamic taking place between you and your client back to you, for you to consider and approach with fresh eyes.

Many clinical staff i.e., therapists, nurses, doctors, social workers etc. work with people who are likely to be in physical or psychological pain and as such, this can put pressure on them that can be both demanding, exhausting and accumulative. 


Clinical supervision can offer support to new and experienced health professionals with a place to reflect and evaluate their work.

White Allyship - Decolonising The Workplace

White Allyship – Decolonising The Workplace is useful as it can be difficult to know how to address cultural or racial tension in our organisations, especially if we are not directly impacted by it, but some of our staff are.


Most CPD courses will talk about ‘racial difference’, but do not provide you with the knowledge, resources and confidence needed to support you in addressing these sensitive and sometimes provocative situations.


This can be particularly difficult for middle and senior management.

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring is a space that is carved out especially for middle and senior managers who wish to understand themselves better in relation to race and culture, and who want a healthier professional relationship with the diaspora staff they manage. 

You will work on a one-to-one basis with a mentor who doesn’t look like you and begin to explore all those ‘politically incorrect’ thoughts, feelings, behaviours and questions with them from a place of trust, confidence and respect. 

You will be set personal development homework, which will surprise and inspire you, leaving you with more confidence in your liaison with diaspora staff and increased staff retention.

Safe Space For Diaspora Staff

What is Safe Space?

Safe space is a reserved forum for diaspora staff within your organization to attend, share personal experiences and as a result become more productive. It is hosted online and is delivered by qualified and experienced practitioners, who are trained to manage and support many of the difficult race-related conversations staff often need to have but are unsure how to address them in the workplace. This confidential space offers peer to peer support and can be facilitated as frequently as is needed.


Why do we need Safe Space?

Safe Space was a pilot which the East London Foundation NHS Trust (ELFT) ran for a year, to support diaspora staff during an unprecedented period in time, where an extraordinary chain of events took place which changed our world (the discovery of Covid 19, reports in the UK that the pandemic was disproportionately killing Black and Brown people, the murder of George Floyd, reports of increased verbal and physical attacks on Black, Brown and other diaspora people (BBC News 2020-2021, etc.)

Word of the service soon got out and during the annual pilot, enquiries came in from other organisations, requesting a similar space be set up for their staff, so we decided to make it available to all organisations.

Judging from the feedback from those who took part, they found it extremely useful to have such a forum to share sensitive experiences in confidence and receive practical support without the fear of reprisal.


The Chairman of ELFT Mark Lam made a video to support the pilot and made the following statement;


“I would like to thank you personally for your enormous contributions to the Trust, including the fantastic and crucial Safe Space initiative.”

How are sessions delivered?

All sessions are delivered online to make them as accessible to the majority of people.

The sessions are delivered by two experienced clinicians and you can choose who you would like to facilitate your session (subject to availability).

Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your business (small, medium or large) and are interactive, educational and enjoyable.