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Fiona Beckford

About Fiona


Having qualified as a therapeutic counsellor in 1998, Fiona began her first practice working with children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of psychological and emotional challenges, and as such have a wealth of experience working with people from a diverse community.


She understands that as each of us are different and unique, so too are our experiences and how we handle them. Our lived experiences shape the way we view ourselves, others and society as a whole, and when these experiences come with difficulties attached that originate from our own upbringing, our personality, our habits, past or present difficulties, overwhelming sense of loss, past hurts, sadness, anger, rage, relationship and connection issues, exclusion, discrimination, to name but a few, these issues impede on the way we want to live, and she really wants to help you find ‘you’ again.


She is especially keen to work with people who have experienced trauma, emotional dysregulation and who use self-harm as a coping mechanism.


She enjoy working with members of middle to senior management offering Reverse Mentoring, as it is clear to me that many White managers would love the opportunity to explore their conscious and unconscious bias, but only in a safe and protected environment. The Town Practice can offer such an environment.


She also welcomes working with people from the Diaspora, who are more prone to experiencing different forms of discrimination and prejudice. She can offer both one-to-one working or online group sessions with an associate, if you choose.


Sometimes acknowledging the pain we often feel and carry around can be so overwhelming, it’s easier just to busy ourselves with other things so we don’t have to address it or give energy to it.

The therapeutic service she provides is here for you when you are ready to address it; once and for all and for good. She will take her time with your pain and help you work through it, until you reach a place where it no longer consumes you and you find a level of peace that is acceptable to you.


She looks forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Kumar Birch

About Kumar


Dr Kumar Birch is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist working in London and the North Thames area.



Kumar has been working in mental health for over 10 years supporting individuals, couples, families and organisations to increase their mental well-being through talking therapy, group reflection and training.



In working with organisations, Kumar utilises positive psychology, critical psychology and systemic principles to assist teams to contextualise the difficulties faced, take ownership for what is within their locus of control and facilitate the generation of meaningful solutions for moving forward. 

Michelle Butler

About Michelle


She has been working in the health and social care field for 40 years and have worked with people with mental health issues since 1996.


She has a broad experience in many roles from care work, to service user involvement to senior management. She has worked in health and social care teams as well as for smaller charities and in higher education. 


She currently works in full time private practice as a psychotherapist treating clients with complex trauma and attachment related difficulties.


Michelle also has many years’ experience working with people living with physical disabilities, chronic health conditions, and neurodivergent clients such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia.


She worked for many years in inner city London and gained an education in the challenges that Black and Brown people face as a result of systemic institutionalized racism. Michelle sees a clear link between stigma, oppression and poor mental health and well-being.


This is largely unaddressed in psychotherapy training or supervision and day to day practice in the workplace. She is particularly interested in supporting white people to turn towards this to find effective and meaningful ways forward.